How To Winterise Your RV

It is important to get on top of your RV maintenance in time for winter. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to motor off on your next adventure without any hiccups.

Waste and Wastewater

Empty your waste holding tanks at an approved station and clean thoroughly using a tank conditioner. Check hoses and hose clamps for signs of wear and tear. Before you start using your freshwater system again, you'll want to add a water treatment or purifier tablets to the tank.


Ensure that batteries are stored charged so that they are ready to go for your next adventure. Use a solar panel or battery charger to keep them maintained. For wet cell batteries, keep fluid levels topped up.


Washing your RV will help to ensure that no staining or corrosion is happening. Once clean it pays to give bare metal surfaces like the chassis, wheel hubs, hinges and locks a spray with corrosion resistant spray. If being stored with no cover, spray a UV spray on exterior items like the satellite dish, hatches and lights and seals to protect and extend their life.


Protect your caravan from dust, dirt, UV rays and bird droppings by covering it up. This way you won't have to clean it before using it for the next trip!


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