How to use Stripspeed

Stripspeed - Saving you Time, Money and Sanity

If you've had to remove old foul on your propellors and propelor shafts with a grinder or any other abrasion pads before, you know how much of a time consuming, messy, dusty and awful job it is. Fortunately, there is a better way! Stripspeed has been developed by the team who brought you Propspeed and it is by far the quickest and cleanest way to remove old foul and prep for new paint.

Check out the video below and find out for yourself.


Having everything at your fingertips and ready to go is one of the most important things when clearing off old foul and paint. There is nothing worse than starting something, then having to stop so you can go and find an item you missed. As Stripspeed is quite a strong product, please ensure you have all of your safety and PPE gear on!

Tools you require:

Surface Preparation:

  • Have a good look over the areas that you are going to apply Stripspeed to. Once identified, remove any fouling and hard-shell growth from the propellor, propellor shaft and surrounding areas.
  • Mask off any anodes and non-metal areas where you won't be applying Stripspeed
  • Once completed, ensure the surface is completely dry with use of a clean rag(s)
  • Make sure the ground directly below you are working is covered by a drop sheet, this will help contain any residue and ensure an easy clean up
  • Tip: Please ensure you are wearing correct PPE, including safety glasses, full length PVC gloves, face mask and overalls. If you using Stripspeed indoors, we recommend wearing a solvent respirator.


  • Before you start, shake the Stripspeed bottle for a minimum of 90 seconds. The consistency needs to a thick, indicating the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed and activated. Tip: Before starting, open the bottle to let some air in, this gives more space for the product to move around and mix properly
  • Once you have gained the right consistency, pour Stripspeed into a mixing cup or paint tray to make application easier
  • Brush on a generous layer onto the coating you would like to remove (at least 2mm thickness)
  • Avoid Stripspeed encountering any area of the hull or anode. If it does make contact, immediately wipe this off with a clean rag and wash the contact surface with water
  • Once you have finished applying Stripspeed, leave this for 20-30 minutes, depending on the atmospheric conditions. Over time there will be a slight colour change, however it will not look too different.
  • Tip: Timing is subject to atmospheric conditions. The ideal application temperature is between 15-27 degrees celsius
  • Tip: Do not let Stripspeed dry out as it will not be as effective in removing the coating


  • Before going 'whole hog' on remove the coating, remove a small test patch with a putty knife. If it comes off easily, Stripspeed is ready to be removed. If not, re-apply Stripspeed to the small test area and wait a little longer.
  • Once your test patch(es) can easily be removed, grab your putty knife and metal scraper and start removing the coating
  • Long smooth scrapes with consistent pressure is the quickest and easiest way to remove maximum coating
  • For any tricky or hard to reach places like the swim platform or propellor hub, use an abrasive pad, or for any stubborn places, utilise the Brass wire brush
  • Once all the coating has been removed, give the area a good clean, washing away any residue with water and a clean rag or abrasion pad
  • Tip: Propclean is a fast an effective way to finish the surface post Stripspeed removal. Once the Propspeed has been removed, the Propclean wipe will easily remove any stubborn areas with minimal effort
  • Lastly, fold up the drop cloth and dispose of the waste properly, taking into account any local regulations

There you have it! You're all done and ready to apply your preferred propellor coating to see you through the next 1-2 years of maintenance. For advice and a guide on the best application for Propspeed, check out our recent article here: How to Apply Propspeed

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