How To Keep Your Motorhome Warm In Winter

Perhaps you’ve tucked your RV in for the winter and are waiting for spring before taking to the roads again. However, if you’re one of the hardy souls willing to keep your motorhome on the road during the colder months this winter, here’s our guide to keeping warm. 


Most motor homes and caravans are well insulated and if you were planning to spend a lot of time in the colder climes you would have made sure when you made your purchase that it was.

Heat Retention

Here are a few tips that will ensure that you keep your little piece of heaven warm and toasty.
Heat goes right through glass, purchase a silver blanket that fits your vehicle, this should cover the inside of the windscreen and the drivers and passenger door windows. Fit thermal curtains or blinds if you don’t already have them, the same apply to caravans big windows expel heat. Make sure that all windows and door are closing properly and are sealed to prevent draughts.


This is very important as heat rises (or should I say hot air rises) open your roof vents slightly this will allow the warm air to circulate.


Choosing the correct heater can be critical, there are a number of LPG heaters and cookers on the market that have an LPG canister loaded to the side or back of the unit these should only be used outside, never inside your motor home or caravan (for those of you that are members of the NZMCA please read Lex Wards comment in the Motor Caravanner issue 333 June/July 2018 page 152 very sound advice).

The two main options you can take when considering purchasing a heater for your RV are LPG gas and Diesel, which are both great because neither require mains power supply, so you can wave civilisation goodbye! Additionally, both options are safe and highly efficient. 

LPG heaters tend to be the cheaper option and run off the same source as your cooking and hot water system. These heaters may be more suitable for travellers who aren’t on an extended trip, as LPG is not always readily available and can be expensive if used for longer periods of time. 

Diesel heaters can run from your vehicles tank, or from a fuel tank of their own. They are a larger upfront investment than LPG, however are significantly cheaper to run. They are also quieter, and can be used while you’re on the move! Diesel heaters are ideal if you’re spending a lot of time in your vehicle, especially in winter. 

When weighing up which heater to go with, ensure it reflects how much time you spend travelling to justify the initial & ongoing cost comparisons. 

Parking Up

A main perk of travelling in the winter is being out of the high season. This means you’re going to have far greater choice when it comes to parking up your RV. With warmth in mind, you’re best off having the prevailing wind hitting the rear of your vehicle, and trying to park up in a relatively sheltered spot. 

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