How to Apply Propspeed

How to Apply Propspeed

Maintenance of our boats is something we need to do regularly to ensure we get the maximum life out of them. While this can seem daunting, some of the things we can do are actually quite simple. With a little explanation and know how, we can do this ourselves. Our mates at Propspeed have put together this excellent "How to" video which shows the process of applying Propspeed, all the equipment you need and the steps involved, to get the best results when painting your propellors.

Planning your Application

- Find out how much Propspeed you are going to need with the coverage calculator here: Propspeed Calculator

- Get all your tools and safety equipment together, this includes:

Metal Preparation

- Use Stripspeed to remove any old paint

- Shake Stripspeed for 90 seconds or until you achieve a thick consistency

- Apply a generous layer of Stripspeed to existing paint you would like to remove (greater than or equal to 2mm thick)

- Wait up to 30 minutes for it to cure and using a paint scraper, start to remove old paint

- Once most of the paint is removed, use your 80 grit sandpaper to remove any additional paint or grime

Tip: Ensure surface is thoroughly dry before sanding

Wet sand any hard to reach places

- Tape off any antifoul and zincs so Propspeed is not applied over the top

Application of Propspeed

- Make sure you have your safety equipment on included gloves

- Plan ahead and mix etching primer base

- Stir for 2-3 minutes to remove any settled solids ensuring a uniform consistency

- Step 1: Initial Clean - using the supplied Step 1 cleaning wipe in the kit, clean off all dust and grime to ensure there is no residue remaining

- Step 2: Metal conditioning - using the supplied Step 2 conditioning wipe - wipe over the entire area you are going to be applying Propspeed to. Once completed, immediately wipe down with a clean, dry rag.

- Step 3: Add the supplied hardener to the etching primer base (make sure you have already completed the second point about mixing the primer base to a uniform consistency)

- Mix well and pour into the Propspeed Applicator tray as required

Tip: The Propspeed applicator kit comes complete with a tray, roller and 2x 4'' roller heads. This applicator kit simplifies the process, reduces the application time and leaves a superior finish

- Apply Propspeed using the roller (or brush if you do not have access to the roller)

- Use a brush for any harder to reach areas

- Product flash time is 3-5 minutes @ 27 degrees celcius, and 10-12 minutes @ 10 degrees celcius

- If you accidentally get Propspeed on any antifoul or zincs, wipe off these unintended areas promptly 

- After the above allocated time has passed, using your gloves, lightly touch the area where you have applied Propspeed as a Dry-to-touch test. If any paint is on the gloves wait a few more minutes before doing the dry-to-touch test again.

- Once there is no transfer onto the gloves you are ready to apply the second coat. Once this second coat has dried you can move onto Step 4.

- Step 4: Utilise the supplied clear coat pot and transfer into a new/dry tray. Use enough clear coat to cover what you have painted.

- Using the second supplied clean roller head, apply the clear coat over top of where you have just painted

Tip: Cover the tray with a clean dry rag once finished to minimize evaporation

- Fix any runs or sags with the roller within 5 - 10 minutes, this is when the clear coat will start to set

- Full curing time for the clear coat is 8 hours @ 27 degrees celcius, or 24-36 hours at 10 degrees celcius.

- Do not add a second clear coat, it will not stick to itself


That's it! You're completed and this should see you through the next year. Propspeed will last at least 1 year, however many customers report an additional one or even two years service life. This will depend on what sort of marine environment your boat is moored in, the water temperature, and how often you use it.

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