A Guide To Sailing Gloves

If you’ve ever been out on the water, whether that be sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or windsurfing, you know the suffering that can be felt on the hands from rope burn, grip and of course the harsh elements.

It is essential to have a good set of gloves to not only protect you from blisters and burns, but they will also improve comfort and safety, ultimately keeping you out on the water for longer!

Gill have been developing and evolving gloves for close to 50 years which makes them a top choice whether you are a newbie or seasoned pro. Gills gloves have been thoroughly tested, evaluated and evolved which has been influenced by customer reviews, sponsored athlete feedback and analysis of wear patterns and breakage points. 

Their most radical change across the new collection is the elimination of the extended cuff with a velcro closure. Traditional gloves have clunky cuffs that can be uncomfortable, restrict movement and get in the way of your clothing.

Gill have introduced a new adjustment across the back of the hand that allows you to take the gloves on and off with ease, even with cold and wet fingers, while ensuring they are suitable for a wide range of activities and crafts. During testing, samples were used for every activity from dinghy sailing to foiling to ensure they could stand the test of time, whatever the end activity would be!



Below we take you through the key features and benefits you can expect from each style of glove.


Gill Deckhand Gloves (Short Finger)

The Gill Deckhand Gloves are durable, multipurpose marine gloves which use double layer Amara reinforcement to guarantee quick-dry comfort, close-fit control and protection from the elements. The four-way stretch fabric across the back of the hand provides UV 50+ protection and water repellence.

Offset finger seams remove pressure points and helps reduce wear, while a wraparound palm protection eliminates uncomfortable side seams and offers complete wear protection. The pre-shaped construction fits your natural hand shape, and the reduced cuff length eliminates bulk and improves comfort. There is an ‘easy-grab’ silicon grip at the cuff, while the rear volume adjustment allows for freedom of movement and increased wrist flex.

These all-round gloves can be worn for most water sports, whether that be dinghy sailing, canoeing, windsurfing or fishing.


Gill Championship Gloves (Long Finger)

The Gill Championship Gloves offer the same features and benefits as the Deckhand, with the addition of a Dura-Grip fabric on the palm construction. Providing incredible levels of grip without any compromise in flexibility and durability, the seamless reinforcement improves abrasion resistance and enhances grip even further.

These versatile marine gloves can be worn for most water sports, whether that be dinghy sailing, kayaking, windsurfing or fishing.



Gill Pro Racer Gloves (Short Finger)

The premium Gill Pro Racer Gloves provide race-proven flexibility, protection and comfort, alongside innovative and cutting-edge features. Boasting the same technology and design benefits as the Deckhand and Championship Gloves, the Pro Glove advances their design with next-generation Proton-Ultra XD palm and finger fabric to offer an incredible level of durability that’s now softer and more flexible than ever before. The notched finger construction with flex zones also allows for the natural articulation of fingers.

These premium gloves are ideal for those who need that extra level of durability and flexibility during all water sports such as sailing, wakeboarding, kite surfing or fishing.



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