A Guide To Caravan Safety and Security

It may be the off-season when it comes to enjoying camping trips in your RV, but this is the perfect time to make sure you’re good to go when the warmer weather returns.

One of the prime considerations when it comes to enjoying the camping lifestyle is safety – so here’s our Burnsco four-step guide:

1. Maintenance and 'Winterising'

While your RV or caravan is parked up for the winter, it's a great opportunity to make sure everything is ship-shape and in good working order – a well-looked after vehicle is, after all, a safe vehicle.

First of all, get rid of all food (even cans and bottles) because they can attract bugs and pests or explode if you experience freezing conditions. Then remove and clean all clothes, blankets and upholstery.

Empty waste and freshwater tanks, unlatch the tank drains and turn on taps and the shower to clear the lines. Make sure the toilet and water heater are also drained. Scrub out or water blast waste tanks and source a good cleaning agent for the freshwater tank.

Cover up all intake and exhaust vents to prevent birds or rodents setting up home and follow user-guides as to storing gas cylinders and batteries.   

2. Off the road

Make sure your engine and tyres keep well in storage. Ideally an RV or caravan should be stored on jacks with a levelling system to keep the pressure off one single point of the tread, and an engine should be stored with its tanks topped off and with a fuel stabilizer added. If you’re in an area which is subject to freezing weather conditions, make sure the radiator is topped off with anti-freeze.

3. Check your accessories

While you’re on the road, often you’re too busy to make those small alterations to your caravan or RV which could make life easier and safer for you. The off-season is the perfect time to look to fit extra handrails, latches or holders for mobile devices which can add to your home-from-home’s safety features. Browse the Burnsco Marine website’s special RV section, where you’ll also find a wealth of specialised accessories such as wheel blocks, steps and towing mirrors. 

4. Invest in a security system

Although much of how you keep your RV or caravan secure is down to where you go, how you park up and what you leave on display, it’s absolutely vital that your trailer is completely secure.

The off-season is a good time to go around all the doors and windows to make sure they’re fitted with secure latches, and to consider investing in a wheel clamp or trailer coupling lock.

For more information on Burnsco's range of products to keep your motorhome safe and secure, phone us on 0800 102041, email us, or Livechat with one of our staff via the website.