A Guide To RV Safety and Security

One of the prime considerations when it comes to enjoying the motorhome and caravan lifestyle is safety. Here’s our four-step guide:

1. Be safety aware 

Be as aware of your personal safety as you would be when at home. This means ensuring that your vehicle is equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. If you are planning to cook outdoors, it's also a good idea to get a fire blanket as this is a great way to smother a barbecue or brazier that gets out of control.

2. Off the road

Make sure your engine and tyres keep well in storage. Ideally, an RV or caravan should be stored on jacks with a levelling system to keep the pressure off one single point of the tread, and an engine should be stored with its tanks topped off and with a fuel stabiliser added. If you’re in an area which is subject to freezing weather conditions, make sure the radiator is topped off with anti-freeze. To read our comprehensive guide to winterising your caravan or motorhome CLICK HERE.

3. Think about your parking

When you arrive to the camp site, it’s important to consider how you will park your motorhome or camper. Most people will reverse into a parking spot as this way makes it easier to drive off when you’re ready to go home. However, it also makes it easier for someone to hitch up your caravan (or jump in your RV to take it) and be gone while you’re away hiking or enjoying the area. Instead, turn your caravan around and put the hitch away from the standard access. This will deter potential thieves as it makes stealing your vehicle a more lengthy, and therefore more risky process. However, you’ll need a jockey wheel to park this way. 

4. Security

Out of sight is out of mind, so remove temptation by closing blinds and curtains whenever you are away from your vehicle. If you have to leave valuables inside, lock them away in a secure lock box or small home safe.

Invest in a good quality lock. Modern locks are saw and drill resistant and some, such as the Kovix KVH096 include a built-in motion triggered alarm.

Many RV owners enjoy the security that comes with motion detector lights. If you are camping in the middle of nowhere, or even when your RV is parked in your own driveway, these will alert you to unwanted guests.


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